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Your Conservative Candidate

Ruslan Yakoviychuk’s keen interest in politics goes back to his boyhood in Ukraine, inside the Soviet Union. He listened illegally to BBC radio, and he saw beyond the propaganda taught in school. He learned to keep a watchful eye on powerful people with control over the lives of others.

Today, Ruslan is deeply grateful to live in a peaceful and democratic Canada, but he has continued to keep a close eye on the government.

Ruslan’s first direct political involvement came after he emigrated from Ukraine to Portugal at age 23, where he lived for seven years before coming to Canada. He worked as a volunteer for Victor Cruz and the centre-right PSD party in Sao Miguel. The party campaigned on fiscal responsibility, social commitments and participatory democracy, values that Ruslan has always promoted.

Having lived under the dictatorial regime of the Soviet Union, Mr. Yakoviychuk knows first hand how critical citizen interest and involvement are to keeping government honest and focused on the needs of the people.

He settled in Kingston with his young family in 2005. As his construction business became established, he increased his community and civic involvement. He became an active member of the Conservative Party of Canada in 2014. Mr. Yakoviychuk became a Canadian citizen in 2015 after a seven-year immigration process.

With rising concern about the actions of the Trudeau government, and with Kingston in need of a strong and committed candidate, Ruslan stepped up to run in the fall of 2018.

The Conservative party’s priorities, when combined with Ruslan’s proven drive and people skills, offer Kingston the best option for effective representation in Ottawa.

This means forceful lobbying on behalf of Kingston to strengthen its economy, and get much-needed housing built, to support business and skilled trades, to work with the provincial government to improve local health care services, and promote the city’s strengths as a research and development hub.

He encourages all citizens to take an interest in politics, and to always vote.

Every vote does count, not just to decide who wins but to make sure all interests are represented at the ballot box,” he said. “If you don’t vote, other people get to speak for you.”

On a personal level, Ruslan’s interests are first and foremost as a father, concerned for the future of his two daughters, but also as a taxpayer watching the government spend his money, and as a businessman confronting rising costs, cumbersome regulations, and lack of skilled workers.

As his friends and supporters, we share his passion for Canada and Canadian democracy, his belief that good government depends on involved citizens, and his strong desire to see government truly serve the people, instead of an ideology.

He has stepped up to run as the federal Conservative candidate in the same way he has approached every goal in his life, undeterred by the tough work ahead of him. Many of his friends asked him why he would want to put aside a successful business to go into politics.

But for Ruslan, it’s not about him, and it’s not about what’s easy. This is why he has assembled a growing team of supporters because people know he’s in this race for the right reasons.

We have a candidate whose record of hardship, hard work, and hard-won success proves he has the the drive, the compassion and the capability to speak up for the people of Kingston and the Islands, and to make their voice heard in Parliament.

Ruslan is already recognized by prominent Conservative MPs as an individual with much to contribute, and they look forward to inviting him to participate in a Conservative government in Ottawa.

Join us in helping send Ruslan to represent us in Ottawa.