Ruslan's Story

Your Conservative Candidate


Hello. My name is Ruslan Yakoviychuk, and I am your Conservative candidate for the federal riding of Kingston and The Islands.

I came to Canada over a decade ago because I saw it as a land of limitless opportunity. During my time here, I have worked incredibly hard to build my own business, contribute to the local economy, volunteer and give back to the community, and raise my family.

And I am concerned about the direction this country is headed.

I am concerned that tax dollars are being wasted by our current government at an unsustainable rate. I look at my children, and wonder if we are leaving them with a tremendous burden they can never hope to overcome, forcing them to pay for the mistakes made today.

I am concerned that not enough is being done to encourage a culture of personal responsibility, where our social democracy’s public resources are focused on those who really do need the help of the government, while expecting all those who have the ability to contribute to our society to meet their obligations as citizens to the economic, social, and cultural success of our nation.

I am concerned that this government continues to make poor decisions about our economy. The choices they are making are already draining foreign investment away from Canada, with funds flying out of this country at an alarming rate. This will diminish our position in the G7, weaken us within the global economy, and could ultimately trigger a new Recession.

I am very concerned that Canada’s immigration policies have changed so drastically, allowing anyone who claims to be a refugee easy passage without proper background checks, and without the government having a proper plan for how these people will add to the social, cultural, and economic mosaic of our great nation. The changes made by this government are a slap in the face to any Canadian who followed the legal immigration process to build a better life in this country. I fully support and understand the need for immigration, but it must be done thoughtfully and carefully, without cheapening our weakening the value of Canadian citizenship to the rest of the world.

I am asking you to join me on my journey to bring true conservative values to Ottawa, not just the hollow buzzwords that the media like to parade out every time they want to paint us in a negative light. I am asking you to support my quest to become the next conservative member of parliament for this riding.

Canada has given so much to me, and I cannot sit by and watch this current government’s reckless policies destroy what makes this nation so great. I want to give back, to preserve and save the Canada that I love. It is time for me to be of service to the great people of Kingston and The Islands.