Vice-Admiral Norman Petition

Our men and women in uniform need your support!

When Liberals aren't maliciously dragging the name of Vice-Admiral Mark Norman through the mud – a highly decorated and ethical man without a single blemish on his record in 39 years of service – they're confusing Canadian Veterans with the Nazis our Veterans fought to defend us from. No, seriously.

Ruslan Yakoviychuk will stand behind the heroes of the Canadian Armed Forces like Vice-Admiral Norman and all of those that fight every day to keep our great country safe from those who would deliberately try to compromise the integrity of our judicial system and the rule of law for political or economic gain.

Ruslan saw unconscionable corruption run rampantly through Ukraine when he when he was growing up, and he refuses to see it happen again here at home. It's part of why he's running to represent you and why he became a Canadian citizen. Ruslan knows all too well what happens to a country that allows its well connected elites to even attempt to weigh in on the scale of justice.

Liberal MP for Kingston and the Islands, Mark Gerretsen, has refused and continues to refuse to stand up for Vice-Admiral Norman. Mr. Gerretsen's lack of leadership has not only contributed to devastating emotional, professional, and monetary damage to Vice-Admiral Norman and his family, but has also directly caused "a deleterious effect on the morale of the Canadian Armed Forces."

It is clear that despite being a member of the Standing Committee on National Defence and having the Royal Military College of Canada in the very city he claims to represent as a Member of Parliament, the only thing Mr. Gerretsen stands for is using his Liberal majority on the committee to silence an independent inquiry into this disturbing case of political interference.

At least Mr. Gerretsen consistently shows no backbone or sense of moral integrity: he also refused to support motions in the House of Commons for an independent inquiry into the SNC Lavalin scandal. So much for the Liberal's 2015 promise of an "open, transparent, and fair government." They just aren't as they advertised.

Sign our petition to support Vice-Admiral Mark Norman. If the Liberals won't provide him justice, then #RuslanWeWill in October.

Will you sign?

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